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25 June 2015

Doing portraits at The Wey Gallery, Godalming.

I did these portraits at the beginning of May, a great experience and surrounded by very nice people and artists :)

05 May 2015

Nyan Nyan

This was one of my recent commissions.
It was a real pleasure working on it! :)



Once again, what a wonderful experience!!!
Not only I had great models but also great people around :)
Looking forward to the next event!

I just published a few, to see all the drawings click below! :)

05 November 2014


18 September 2014

Artist & Makers Festival. Guildford, 20th of September

This Saturday 20th of September I'll meet you all at the Artists & Makers Festival in Guildford!!
I'll be doing portraits all day long!!!

(just change the word night and put day instead XD)

13 September 2014


Selfie 5 portraits underneath this one/ Selfie 5 retratos debajo de este

This painting started as a simple portrait and light studio but, as usually happens, I painted over and over again this almost finished portrait, starting a complete new one every time... This is something I do a lot... most of the time I regret my "not to know when to stop" condition. I guess is how I am. So I think this five in one portrait speaks  of myself more than others I've done before.

Esta pintura empezó como un simple retrato y estudio de luz pero, como como normalmente ocurre, pinté sobre mi casi acabado retrato y cada vez que lo hacía, comenzaba uno completamente nuevo. Hago esto muy a menudo, la mayoría de las veces me arrepiento de mi poca capacidad de parar. Supongo que es parte de mi personalidad, quizá debería decir que este retrato habla de mi misma más que todos los que he hecho hasta el momento.

23 August 2014

Chichester Roofs/ Tejados de Chichester

This is an old one, but just recently I decided to change some things... and I end up painting it all again... I do that too often...