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23 August 2014

Chichester Roofs/ Tejados de Chichester

This is an old one, but just recently I decided to change some things... and I end up painting it all again... I do that too often...

30 July 2014

Pepe Fotografo/ Peter the photographer :)

This is an old one... around 2009 or 2010 :) . It was an exchange, very good model I must say. Although he was complaining about my slowness (it was just a session).

Este es antiguo... alrededor de 2009 o 2010 :) . Fue un intercambio,  debo decir que Pepe es muy buen modelo, aunque se quejó de que tardaba mucho :D (fue solo una sesión).

13 May 2014


I am normally scared of children's faces... they are more difficult because their character is just starting to show... they are tender... and very impatient!! ha! But after 6 hours and a really hacking arm I must say, it was worth it!  Looking forward to the next event!!